Specialty Glass

Specialty Glass

At GlassWorks, we have a type of glass for all of your special projects. Unleash your inner home designer – we can backpaint glass in virtually any color imaginable. Further customization is available with:

Etching and frosting – for that classic and elegant look
Lettering – put any letter, name, phrase directly onto the glass
Sandblasting – imprint your chosen image or design onto a glass sheet or panel. Perfect for front doors, shower enclosures, partition walls, and nameplates.
Plexiglass acrylics – for a lightweight alternative
Bullet resistant glass – if you’re keeping safety in mind


Also consider a fun and popular application – glass marker and dry-erase boards. When made from glass they are long lasting, non-ghosting, and easy to clean and maintain. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors, along with magnetic, custom cutouts or edgework options, to create your perfect look and function.
We also carry an extensive selection of patterned cabinet and window glass, as well as antique glass. Come to our showroom today to browse our many options, including hardware and glass samples. We’ll assist you through every step of your glass experience.

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